Happy Orange


Artist: Peter Owusu-Ansah
Medium: Acrylic Artbox
Dimensions: 47.75in x
Editions of 3

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Artist: Peter Owusu-Ansah, Title: Happy Orange, 2021. Medium: Acrylic Artbox, Digital Painting. Dimensions: 47.75in x 47.75in, editions of 3.

Happy Orange is one idea of travelling in colours by manipulating photographs into pop art, by zooming in to the pop art to the pixels, by manipulating the pixels to try a get rich colours, by scrolling around to find the colours I want to interact together and by using photoshop to create the colours interaction. Doing that had taught me all colours I see in life, however, all colours I seen life is not what I am absorbed in. What I am absorbed in is me. That is simple my truth. This is just one of my favourite colours. It is like being at the lake near the autumn leaves where the sunrise or sunset create the magic moment. While my work is similar style as Frank Stella, but nothing exactly as this brilliant and sophisticated sight have been reveal in art history. This is hard to imagine where the colours meet that make this work. That is why I decided to make my mark on to promote something joyful in Deaf artist lens.

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