We help women in our community to be their best through nutrition & cooking, gardening, and fitness & mindfulness practices. Interested in joining our program? Contact us below for more information.

ABOUT the program

Women in the Garden is a culturally-relevant, intergenerational health & wellbeing program that engages marginalized immigrant and refugee women. Using gardening as a guiding framework, our mission is to holistically address and support access to healthy food, physical & emotional health, access to community resources, and to strengthen community connections and leadership skills.


  • Learn the basics of gardening and how to grow food both in- and out-doors
  • Learn about nutrition and healthy eating tools & practices for everyday
  • Experiment with cooking healthy, tasty and budget-friendly recipes
  • Try out online exercise & wellness classes that will benefit your mind and body
  • Participate in online workshops, talks and discussions
  • Connect with others, share experiences and helpful gardening, cooking and wellness tips

WHY WE DO what we do

  • To support and empower marginalized and newcomer women to take control of their overall health and wellbeing
  • To enhance physical & mental wellness through the practice of age-appropriate and stimulating exercise, gardening activities, and mindful meditation
  • To improve access to healthy and affordable food through gardening, cooking & nutrition, and health information workshops
  • To combat social isolation by strengthening community connections and creating networks of interpersonal support

Women in the Garden is created in partnership with United Way Greater Toronto.

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