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Time and Script

An Exhibition by Saima Bajauri and Anu Kalra

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Saturday, July 20th 2024
Reception : 12 – 4pm

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Exhibition Dates:
On view starting July 18th, 2024
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Riverdale Hub, 1st Floor
1326 Gerrard St. E.
Toronto, ON  M4L 1Z1
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    About the Exhibition

    ‘Time & Script’ weaves together the beauty of tradition with the innovation of contemporary aesthetics. Featuring the work of Saima Bajauri and Anu Kalra, this exhibition brings cultural and historical artistic inspirations to the forefront. ‘Time & Script’ is a stunning homage to the intricacies of South Asian art, each piece a rich historical monument mixed with a modern artistic perspective.

    “Art is a stamp of time and yet timeless: from the intricate details of old masters’ work to the bold strokes of the expressionists; from a piece of beautiful writing to the light in a photographic image; the energy, shades of light, and the movement in any form of creative art inspires me to paint.” – Saima Bajauri

    Through my art, I hope to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer, as well as a connection to the cultural heritage that inspired it. Whether depicting mythological scenes or everyday life, my paintings invite the viewer to step into a world that is both familiar and exotic, ancient and modern with a “Then and Now” twist. – Anu Kalra