Alessandra, Herself Series


Artist: Marina Doukas
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 18″x24″ (each)

The second painting in this series, ‘Herself ll’ is a portrait of my best friend, Alessandra. The outer layer of pink is larger because Alessandra feels she doesn’t show up authentically in most situations. The grey tones represent a sense of emptiness and neutrality in her identity and can be interpreted as parts of herself she doesn’t fully understand yet. Detailed is not a characteristic Alessandra would use to describe herself, so the paint is treated with a little less control. There is however a sense of fluidity and softness to the entire piece, giving it the same delicate energy as her. This is because emotions are a driving factor for Alessandra as she moves through life.

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Alessandra, Herself Series, 2021, Artist: Marina Doukas, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Size: 18x24.

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