Par Nair

Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design from OCAD University (2022). Her works have been shown at Mayten’s Gallery (Toronto), Project Casa (Montreal), The Textile Museum of Canada (Toronto), Xpace Cultural Centre (Toronto), The Public Gallery (Toronto), Neilson Creative Centre (Etobicoke), Riverdale Art Gallery (Toronto), Propeller Art Gallery (Toronto), and The Kochi Biennale (India). Par is the recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2021-22) and Propeller Gallery’s Emerging Artist Award (2020). Par’s work celebrates the often invisible, misrepresented, and stereotyped voices and stories of migrant women. Within her work, she unravels and reimagines historical narratives of Indian women.

Instagram: @parnairr

All artworks are subject to availability.

Par’s hand embroidery and oil paintings are inspired by photographs collected by her grandmother, portraying intimate domestic moments from her family’s past. Her artworks aim to honor her ancestry by narrating their stories.

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