Mimmo Baronello


Mimmo Baronello

I paint in a baroque style – opulent, ornate, grand. Intertwined into this elaborate style of the past is the start reality of the present – the refuse of contemporary culture. The beauty of the baroque style which is untamed like nature is represented by billowy drapery and elaborate decorations made from acorns, leaves, candles and flowers that adorn and frame my prominent subjects who are wild animals. These animals are first to witness and first to feel the destruction of our shared environment. In my paintings, the animals try to adapt. They stare at us but they don’t blame us.

I see the erosion of our Canadian landscape and I also see the potential for renewal. I include in all my paintings the classical symbols of life – eggs, plant life and light from a supernatural source. I believe nature will survive our present-day abuse.

I encourage you to think about the tension I’ve created in my paintings and then tell me what you saw in my paintings that moved you to action.

All artworks are subject to availability.


Mimmo was born and raised in Sicily. He graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Before moving to Canada in 1998, he worked in Milan, Rome, and New York as an art director. Although he continues to work on fine arts and design, his main works consist of environmental art exploring the evolution and the morphing between nature and technology. Mimmo paints the tensions he observes as a new Canadian, pristine nature contaminated by consumer culture and the slow erosion of the Canadian landscape by human industry. His paintings blend the neomannerist / baroque with the contemporary twist.