Kyla Yager

Kyla is a Canadian-American visual artist based in Toronto, born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She began drawing at a young age and fell in love with acrylic painting as a teenager. Kyla then obtained her BFA in Visual Art from York in 2018. Since then, her work slowly merged into abstracted realism with hints of cubism, psychedelic art, and surrealism.

Masking is the process in which an individual camouflages their natural personality or behaviour to conform to social pressures, abuse, or harassment. Before her ADHD diagnosis at the age of 17, Kyla masked throughout her entire childhood. Later in life she began to utilize her love for painting as a definitive coping mechanism, at the same time allowing her condition to intuitively guide her paintbrush. In this exhibition, she invites viewers to get Lost in Headspace with her and invites viewers to remove their own mask in a safe and creative space.

Kyla Yager Artwork Inc. was officially launched in January 2020 and has been featured in exhibitions, markets, shops, and galleries in New Orleans, Toronto, and Montreal. In addition to being a full-time fine artist, Kyla works as an Art instructor, muralist, and collaborator.

Kyla’s current process begins by playing with paint by refining images she finds in the various colours and then creates hyper-detail to alter and reshape the emotional magnitude of each work. After completion, Kyla will reflect on the work, discovering elements of her subconscious, therefore giving the piece itself a mindset or mood based upon the headspace she was in while painting.