Jes Young


Jes Young

Jes is a non-binary educator and mixed media sculpture artist based in Toronto, Canada. Young received their Masters of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours, and Bachelor of Education from York University. They have held a guest artist position at York University and has exhibited in Toronto at Nuit Blanche Toronto (2022) with East End Arts’ ‘In View’, The Artist Project Toronto (2023), and The Gladstone House Artist Residency (2023), as well as internationally at PADA Studios in Barreiro, Portugal and an upcoming residency with Gracia Studio in Antigua, Guatemala. Alongside continuing to develop their artistic practice they are currently working as a Fabricator for local Toronto artists such as Cybele Young and Erin Vincent.


In my practice I use repetition and multiples to repurpose under-utilized spaces. As someone who gets creative with the tiny space I live and work in, I found inspiration in the ingenuity of infestations that adapt to any space – such as beehives, organic deposits, nests and other “pests”.

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Mimicking these subjects and their impressive reproduction rate, I create modular sculpture multiples with the ability to be installed into any available space and highlight these natural architects that build the foundations of our ecosystems – promoting ecological awareness of who we share space with and their importance within our delicate ecosystems, no matter their reputation.