Anna Kavehmehr

Anna Kavehmehr is an Iranian-Canadian Artist and Illustrator based in Toronto. She moved to Canada 10 years ago in hopes of pursuing a career in art. Growing up in Iran as a teenage girl and later on as a woman, she never experienced freedom of speech, freedom to create art or to present herself how she wanted. Art became the outlet for Anna to do this and express the inner voices in her that weren’t allowed to be seen.

After the death of Mahsa Jina Amini and the start of the Woman, Life, Movement in September of 2022 in Iran, Anna started creating protest art in support of the movement and to raise awareness on the situation in Iran. The protests soon turned into an anti-government movement which was lead by girls and women in Iran, taking off or burning their mandatory veils and going to the streets, riding bikes, dancing in public and speaking truth to power, along with other civil disobedience acts. The movement has been described as the first ever female-led movement in the world, and soon after got the support of the women in Afghanistan and all over the world.

This series of works highlights major events during the movements, the lives that were lost and portraits of political prisoners that are still fighting for freedom.

All artworks are subject to availability.

Digital Paintings

Gouache Acrylic on Wood Panel

Series Title: Unapologetic

This series of work were created after 7-8 months of solely creating protest art. The subject matter is still centered around women and their place within society and the pressure that is constantly put on women, especially struggles of women in Iran.