Aggie Armstrong

Aggie Armstrong is known for her multimedia work that explores various states of female consciousness. Through every piece, Aggie’s work serves as a record of her feelings and memories of the intersectional female experience. By combining clever compositions, hand-stitched embroidery, and vivid colours, her audience is attracted to the punchy canvases immediately, and encouraged to think beyond their initial impressions to a deeper meaning of the work. Aggie’s collaged references to various states of the human essential nature, allow her viewers to share or relate to the familiarity of the narrative provided, and feel seen.

Aggie was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Ontario, Canada in 1990. She is full-time artist and creative entrepreneur – an experiential tourism host of Perennial Palettes in Oxford County. Aggie was commissioned by the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to make The Royal’s poster for 2023.

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ig: @aggie_armstrong | @perennialpalettes

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Eighties Tapestry

Eighties Tapestry