Saima Bajauri

Saima Bajauri is a Pakistani-Born Canadian Artist living in Toronto, Canada.

Saima graduated from National College of Arts (Pakistan’s most prestigious art school) and pursued her passion for art education at Toronto School of Arts with emphasis on studio practice. She has invested her years in Canada, perfecting her talent as a professional artist building a diverse body of work.

She derives inspirations from all forms of creativity – including her Eastern and Asian roots and her Western experiences. In her words “art is a stamp of time and yet timeless: from the intricate details of old masters work to the bold strokes of the expressionists; from a piece of beautiful writing to the light in a photographic image; the energy, shades of light and the movement in any form of creative art inspires me to paint.”

Saima uses art as a means of connecting communities across multicultural divides, driving awareness of women-specific challenges and as a source of building mental health at all stages of life. To this end, she has conducted community art events bringing art enthusiasts (and even young budding artists and children) together to explore their individual expressions. These “art relief” sessions have been forums to engage, connect and provoke. She believes that Art is the best therapy and has promoted her art as a medium for community building and cross-cultural engagement.

Her work has been part of private collections, exhibitions and showcased at art galleries, fundraisers events and charity galas.

Saima’s last solo exhibition “In conversation with Klimt” was held in 2022 at Hamail Art Gallery, Lahore.

All artworks are subject to availability.