Heejung Shin - bio


Heejung Shin

Heejung Shin is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Korea, working primarily in installation, drawing and painting. Her work explores identity, the fragility of the human body, and the law of impermanence. Especially the concept of losing language culture, identity and self as a result of cultural and social displacement. Heejung is exploring various medium and mainly she creates works with Han-Ji (Mulberry papers from Korea) exploring collage, layer, and installation.

Heejung graduated from the University of Waterloo majoring Honours Fine Arts Studio Practice, Intensive Studio Specialization. She received numerous awards for her outstanding work including Printing Special Award, Helen L. Cross Memorial Scholarship and Vern Hacking Award in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. Heejung was part of the Gang-Won Contemporary Art Group Exhibition at Gangneung Museum of Art in Korea. Most recently her installation work selected for Nuit Blanche Winnipeg.