Julia Salerno


Julia Salerno

Julia Salerno is a Multidisciplinary Artist and Educator based in Toronto. Her primary focus is research, writing, garment design, and textiles. After studying Curatorial and Criticism studies at OCADu, she began working in education programming for many galleries within the GTA before continuing her studies and achieving a B.eD. from BrockU. In her role as an educator, Julia has worked to foster meaningful connections youth and creative practices that support a holistic appreciation for visual culture. Julia has co-founded 2 Ontario-based collectives, Komite and Displaced collective. Throughout their three years of operation, she has curated, promoted, and showcased works by different artists from diverse disciplines.

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Throughout her practice, Julia has worked with traditional mediums and new media, exploring how they can inform one another within contemporary practice. In her practice as a textile artist, her process is acutely aware of the time, resources, and skills involved in designing and creating clothing that is shaped by sustainability through an understanding of labour, climate change, and innovative design.

Through her research and AI, Julia has reimagined how these emerging technologies can express data-driven evidence, history, research, and data collection. Exploring AI as a medium comes at a time when the ethics and governance of AI are under scrutiny by societal pressures. This scrutiny has inspired Julia to use emerging technologies as a medium and examine them within a traditional studio practice and art-making context.