Peter Ochal, bio


Peter Ochal

Peter is a graduate of York University, BFA, Visual Arts, Honours Program. Growing up in North Bay, Peter pursued his art in private art classes at an early age. In high school, he met and was mentored by a very infl uencial teacher and artist. Inspired, Peter discovered the power behind colour and how colour can move. At University, he explored many painting styles and techniques. While he continued to paint, he spent more than 20 years in the advertising business as a graphic designer and art director. His experience with advertising and concept development has been an invaluable tool to his artistic growth. This is reflected in both the conceptual content of his art and his compositions. This in turn has helped him perceive and translate the visual world around him. Peter lives in Brampton.

Artist Statement

I create art because I love to see a painting transform over time from fl at areas of colour to finished, form filled, 3d images on a 2d surface. In the series “Reflections”, I explore the interplay between reality and reflection. This interplay usually goes unnoticed by the casual viewer in real life. I purposefully present these images though, in a manner of ambiguity. Are the images reflected behind the viewer or in front? What is actually going on in the painting? To this point, I take the painting one step further by introducing visuals that set up a concept. This conceptual approach allows the visuals to play off each other to tell a story. This story presents issues that in turn conjure up emotions. I believe my art can visually please as well as move the viewer.