Emma Ducharme


Emma Ducharme

An emerging artist based in Tkarón:to/Toronto, Emma Ducharme’s practice is an investigation into the absurd. Her practice reflects on the curiosity of balance; the inexplicable and inescapable duality of humankind.

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD U (2021), Ducharme is the recipient of a Juror’s Choice Award from the Latcham Art Centre’s Annual Juried Exhibition (2023). She has most recently shown her work in the Untapped section at the Artist Project.

Artist Statement

Working from intuitive graphite sketches to generate impractical dimensional wall sculptures, my process heavy work invites a questioning into a societal obsession with a maximized exploitation of human labor, and its driving notions of infinite growth/ progress.

Considering interconnectedness, my current work deals primarily with questions on the rampant exploitation of human labour, its resulting environmental neglect, and issues of gender (mis)representation/(in)equality. The work implores a future visioning, imagining how current issues might be challenged differently if those who have been historically excluded from decision making positions were to regain the control of their own influence. They remind us that what we see, is not necessarily always what it seems.

These dimensional abstractions of organized chaos invite us to reflect critically on our growing distracted consumption. They are a cry to stress the ever-expanding cruciality of introspection as a radical act against the nefarious and insidious nature of capitalist colonial forces. Forces that value endless productivity, at any cost, over collective actualization.