Lida Shanehchiyan: Reverie

Lida Shanehchiyan: Reverie

Lida Shanehchiyan Reverie

Lida Shanehchiyan is an Iranian-Canadian interdisciplinary artist and designer passionate about making everyday life more satisfying by creating thoughtful and striking visual products. Reverie is a visually expressive exploration of daydreaming, a self-healing mechanism that Shanehchiyan utilizes to contend with difficult moments in her life. As a child, Shanehchiyan would use this technique to conjure positive experiences that could detach herself from bitter moments in life. For instance, she often wished to become a mermaid so that she could swim beneath water all of the time. Her wishful thoughts were romantic, innocent, and childish, speaking to wonder and power behind the imagination of daydreaming.

Image: Lida Shanehchiyan, Farewell my Bird of Paradise, pen and paper, 2021

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